About Us


TRACKIT exists to change the way people think about the business assets they own and show them there is a smarter way to manage them. From legacy asset management alternatives like Excel or outdated and expensive DCIM / CMDB enterprise solutions that don’t have accurate asset data as their foundation TRACKIT offers a better way.

Our solutions and services have been designed and built based on our experience from auditing over 1 million assets and working with some of the worlds largest companies across a range of sectors. Every day our software solutions, professional services and expertise enable our customers to make important strategic decisions based on accurate, trusted asset data.

The visibility and insight this brings empowers businesses to make more intelligent strategic decisions to more effectively manage the entire lifecycle of their asset inventory. From SME’s to established large Enterprises, business assets used every day all have value - and the better you map, track and control those assets, the more that value can be realised.

By leveraging our asset management expertise and proven platform we’re expanding into the SME market offering an intuitive self-service generic asset management software solution. Through innovation, customer engagement and collaboration, we ensure that our solutions are fully adopted allowing more customers to realise the power of accurate asset information to optimise the value of their assets and help them thrive. Watch the video below to find out how.


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