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Every day TRACKIT’s solutions, services and expertise enable our customers to make important strategic decisions based on accurate and trusted asset data. Over the past eight years we’ve audited millions of assets for some of the world’s largest enterprise companies across a range of sectors and continents. As a result, we bring an unmatched level of industry expertise and knowledge, setting the benchmark for accuracy and efficiency that others cannot match. 

Our work is often highly sensitive and consequently we’re unable in most cases to detail our clients names and specific projects but here a just a few examples of some of our recent customer case studies.

Data Centre Optimisation - Fifth largest IT company in the world

Optimising racks was previously a difficult process and this client needed a faster solution to view their assets than their usual auditing process. The roll out of TRACKIT Enterprise and TRACKIT Mobile saved the client £135,000 in the first 12 months.

"...by using TRACKIT we made £135,000 of savings in the first year and I estimate that we will get total return investment in less than 12 months" - Data Centre Manager

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Reducing the risk of data centre outages - A leading global financial institution

The client suffered a critical PDU outage due to inaccurate data in their legacy DCIM solution resulting in losses potentially in the region of several million pounds. TRACKIT completed a full audit, reducing the risk of any future outages and potential significant financial losses for comparatively minimal upfront investment.

"The process was much quicker than anticipated and we were able to identify and rectify a number of previously unknown issues regarding redundancy and cable management." - Data Centre Manager

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Connecting the business to its assets - A leading communications service provider

The client needed a fast and accurate inventory report to assist accurate future decision making. TRACKIT conducted a full device audit which increased their asset accuracy to 99.9% and uncovered 400% more devices that they previously assumed.

"For the first time we have had the complete picture to confidently make the right decisions about what we do and where we do it..." - Data Centre Operations Manager

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An integrated solution for accurate data reconciliation and audits - A leading global bank

This client were looking for a more efficient, accurate auditing solution. The combination of TRACKIT LightTouch Technology and TRACKIT Mobile reduced the time it takes to complete their audits by 80% with a 25% increase in accuracy and a 15-20% cost recovery of both maintance and licence spend.

"Previously it took us 3 months to complete an audit of 1 of our data centres, now it’s under a month. 1-2 people are now doing what 5-6 people were doing, we are cutting a lot of time and expenses" - Global VP, Data Centre Operations

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Seamless migration and an effective DCAM solution - A leading provider of business process management

This client had to plan and manage a large scale full data centre migration. TRACKIT accurately completed a full audit of 20,000 assets across their four core UK sites. They used the TRACKIT Mobile (tablets) and DCAM Solution to plan their migration and now use the TRACKIT Mobile and DCAM solution as an asset management and capacity management solution.

"The time and efficiency savings are significant – previously it took us a week to audit 100 assets but with TRACKIT’s solutions and processes auditing is around 1,000 devices in one week" - Data Centre Infrastructure and Planning Manager

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