Case Studies

TRACKIT has helped hundreds of data centre owners to drive down their utility costs, optimise capacity and identify legacy equipment to drastically improve data centre ROI. By giving them fast and accurate asset data and complete visibility of their data centre, this insight has enabled them to make more intelligent strategic and operational data centre decisions . But don’t just take our word for it - read how we helped one client save £135,000 in the first 12 months through maximising space utilisation and how we helped another significantly reduce the risk of data centre outages.

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Whitepaper - Building a stronger foundation for DCIM

There are two key reasons why DCIM continues to fail to live up to expectations. The first is due to definition, the second more fundamental issue concerns the lack of consideration given to building a DCIM solution from the ground up by effectively managing assets. Our Data Centre Asset Management (DCAM) model provides a similar theoretical understanding as the OSI and TCP/IP network models do in explaining network topology - It allows the layers of asset management in a data centre to be identified, and acts as a guide to logically build a robust infrastructure.

All too often the potential of DCIM is unfulfilled and end users consider it too complex, expensive, overhyped in terms of its promise, and underwhelming in the amount of value it delivers.

“49 per cent of enterprises do not expect to see ROI from their DCIM within two years.” - Uptime Institute’s 2015 Date Center Industry Survey

Our new whitepaper discusses the reasons why DCIM is unfulfilled and how to build a stronger foundation for successful DCIM implementation. Download our whitepaper "Building a stronger foundation for DCIM" and see how to make DCIM work for you.

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We’ve been helping some of the world’s largest companies improve data centre ROI for over 8 years now and audited over 1 million individual data centre assets or “devices”. By being at the front end of data centre operations and completing large scale audits, we’ve noticed there is still confusion around commonly used data centre terminology and acronyms. We like to make things simple, so by using our unmatched experience and insight we’ve pulled together a helpful A-Z glossary of the most commonly used data centre terminology we come across day to day. Hopefully it will make your life a little bit easier.

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Data Centre ROI Calculator

Are you a Data Centre owner that believes auditing a data centre is expensive and won't generate immediate ROI? Well think again. On average we discover 300% more assets than data centre owners previously assumed and our audits provide customers with the insight to reduce their power usage by between 15 and 30%. Calculate the potential ROI that could be generated in your data centre and compare that versus the estimated cost of a TRACKIT DC audit with our simple ROI calculator.

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