Managing your business assets has never been easier


Clever asset management software that puts you in control 

If you don’t know what assets your business owns, you can’t make best use of them. Sounds simple, right? But how many hours have you wasted on dull checks, mind-numbing Excel spreadsheets or correcting inaccurate asset data? It’s not intelligent business.

So, we made it our business to make it easier for you to map, track and control all of your assets. TRACKIT empowers you with the insight to make better business decisions and more effectively manage the life cycle of ALL your assets to maximise their value.


TRACKIT gives you the ability to take control of ALL of your physical business assets across any locations -  managing your business assets has never been easier.



Replace outdated and inaccurate methods like local spreadsheets/databases with our intuitive, web-based secure multi-user platform -  one single real time view of all your business assets wherever you are.

Complete visibility


View your assets instantly with full audit trails / workflows, intelligent fully customizable reporting and dashboards, monitoring alarms and threshold alerts providing insight and integration with multiple systems.

Complete control

Complete Control.png

Track movement of ALL physical business assets and asset history. Easily append purchase, warranty, value and ownership information to asset fields. Precise location and real time asset collection / updates all from a single intuitive asset tracking software solution.

Fast implementation

Fast Implementation.png

Quick to implement, fully automated set-up with helpful “Wizards”. 100% browser-based, no need to install and manage local software clients.

Easy to use

Easy to use.png

Simple cross platform interface with fully responsive design. iOS and android mobile apps to search and manage assets. Drag and drop floor and building plans instantly, import and update asset inventory to maintain complete accuracy.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind.png

Cloud-hosted secure platform with the ability to control and set levels of access to individuals or groups.





Core features and functionality

With TRACKIT managing your business assets has never been easier. You can seamlessly and quickly manage your estate and floor plans with ease with the ability to maintain, update and report on asset data with complete accuracy. Make critical decisions with confidence using the intelligent features, functionality layers and flexible reporting that comes with TRACKIT out of the box.

Perfect for SME's, it’s delivered as a self-service application hosted in the cloud - any business can sign up and purchase online instantly and immediately start mapping, tracking and driving more ROI from their business assets.

With simple wizards to import existing data, set-up users, permissions and locations businesses can say goodbye to using outdated and inaccurate asset inventory lists and spreadsheets.

Property and Estate Management

Manage and report on your entire estate across multiple locations seamlessly from our single intuitive platform.

  • Property and estate management - fast, accurate reporting on vast estates
  • Upload lease and dilapidation reports - one location for storing all building information
  • Property financial management


Property Image.jpg

Floorsplan / Space Management

Import floor plans in multiple formats and manage floor plans and capacity easily with intelligent layers, search tools and full reporting / dashboards at your fingertips.

  • Easy import of existing DWG, DXF, Visio floor plans
  • Retain layers with the ability to switch on and off
  • Quick search facility to locate plans fast
  • Use our “border path tool” to easily define a building space
  • Ability to instantly Print or PDF floor or space plans
  • Full reporting and dash boarding capabilities

Asset Management

Seamlessly add, modify and move assets into buildings, floors and spaces - add, maintain and report on any asset field information.

Asset inventory control is simple across multiple devices, users and locations – gain and maintain complete visibility and accuracy of ALL assets across your entire estate.

  • Add and maintain any asset field information – purchase/lease information, ownership, value etc
  • Simply add user defined fields of data and report on them (fully customizable)
  • Schedule maintenance, warranty expiry, servicing alerts
  • Easily append asset information including photo’s/condition reports
  • Upload and append documentation to assets
  • Manage all physical assets across multiple locations (inside and outside) and assets within assets

Mobile Asset Mangement

Use our TRACKIT iOS and Android mobile apps for fast, accurate asset data collection - search, add, modify and remove assets with ease.

“Check out” of buildings/spaces for offline asset detail updates when no online connection is available - seamless asset data uploads when you’re back online.

  • Quickly and accurately add assets through our iOS/ Android apps or via our direct access portal
  • Take asset photos using your smart phone (or use existing SVG’s) -  append quickly and easily to assets.
  • Easily append condition details / reports and other relevant asset documentation
  • Email asset information from your mobile device
  • Set up and perform maintenance tasks and record information against assets
  • Push notifications and alerts for asset maintenance and servicing tasks
  • Scan barcodes using your smartphone camera for instant capture of manufacturer serial and service tag information
  • Quickly check asset inventory accuracy using the “TRACKIT Light touch” validation mode

Easy Reporting, Charting and Dash Boarding

Report on saved data quickly, simply and visually with the ability to customise and configure the reports you need easily.

Rich reporting functionality empowers you with the insight to make more intelligent business decisions.

  • Intuitive fully customisable reporting, audit trails and workflows
  • User defined dashboard charts giving instant access to relevant real-time data, refreshed automatically
  • Monitoring and alerts are easy to set up and integrate with any BMS
  • Access to rich and granular data giving improved insight e.g. capacity of environments
  • Asset analysis within-tool rather than having to export data to another product for analysis
  • Ability to provide predictive data analysis
  • Provides fast visualisation of interrogated data

Get back to leading your business. Not catching up with it.

Very soon we'll be launching TRACKIT as a self-service subscription based and cloud hosted asset management software solution for SME’s – if you’re interested please complete the form below for updates on the launch of the next generation of asset tracking and management software.

Alternatively, if you’re an Enterprise level customer our TRACKIT PRO Solution is available now.