The complete Enterprise asset management solution


Total visibility of your assets for better business

TRACKIT PRO gives our Enterprise level clients the ability to map, track and control ALL physical business assets across multiple locations and comes with all the features and functionality of TRACKIT and more.

Manage your entire property estate, locations and every single physical asset within them more effectively no matter how big or small, including details of asset hierarchy (assets within assets). It can track assets outside your buildings or even assets on the move.  TRACKIT PRO enables you to capture assets swiftly, accurately, cost efficiently and manage them ALL seamlessly through a single intuitive software platform wherever you are.


Quite simply TRACKIT PRO will empower you with the visibility and insight you need to make more intelligent strategic decisions to more effectively manage the entire life-cycle of your assets and increase return on investment.



Enterprise clients have a choice of cloud or server side hosted application with the flexibility to adapt with your business. One single solution but with multiple applications and bespoke pricing based on your requirements – TRACKIT PRO is designed with the flexibility to fit with your business requirements. TRACKIT will help to get you up and running fast to start driving full visibility across your organisation.

Seamless Integration

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Enhanced RICH RESTFUL API’S with ability to fully integrate with multiple IT, facilities and current enterprise software and monitoring solutions - including your Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Business Management System (BMS), Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or any other existing legacy asset management system. It requires no software installation, can be accessed from any device or browser, is fully responsive and is designed to share data and integrate with other software easily.

Peace of mind

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Complete peace of mind from a secure platform with the ability to control and set access levels for individuals or groups. Schedule alerts for tasks like maintenance, warranty expiry or servicing or even monitoring to notify users if things are being moved automatically.

Total Visibility


Total, instant and accurate visibility of your entire estate and asset inventory to make better and faster decisions based on trusted asset data. Manage workflows and view full audit trails with ability to set up monitoring alarms and threshold alerts easily. Complete with rich intelligent fully customisable reporting and dashboards providing full insight. A single company-wide intuitive platform and process across departments, across locations and countries.

Saving you time


Save time and reduce human error by uploading asset data instantly, wherever you are. Accurately add, update and analyse asset data on the move and across locations using our Android / iOS apps across devices. For DC/ IT environments TRACKIT PRO also synchronises seamlessly with “TRACKIT Mobile” our ruggedized tablet to accurately and easily manage your IT moves and changes program – with a comprehensive scalable product library for port and slot connectivity.

Easy to use

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Users can access real-time asset information wherever they are easily – use iOS and Android mobile apps for searching and managing assets with our intuitive cross platform interface with fully responsive design. Instantly drag and drop building and floor plans, quickly and easily import / update asset inventory details and maintain asset information with complete accuracy and confidence. It even comes with multi-lingual support out of the box.

API, Integration and Configuration Capabilities

TRACKIT PRO comes with rich administration functionality and capability to make your life easier.

  • Drag and drop imports of autocad, PDF or Visio drawings of buildings and floor plans easily
  • Ability to customise all views and reporting (dashboards/charting)
  • Simple Data import/export utility
  • Integrate with Outlook, Gmail, other IMAP/Pop mail servers
  • Add, modify and remove users with ease  - create user permissions and groups
  • Set up automatic alerting and email notifications
  • Add additional fields of data and report on them with ease
  • Ability to create maintenance tasks/work orders
  • Stylise portal to include company logo, company colours


TRACKIT PRO for effective Data Centre Asset Management

With over eight years’ experience working with complex, DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) solutions that never quite did what our customers needed them to, we set out to build a solution that works exactly the way DC owners want it to.

With our multi-user, web-enabled Data Centre Asset Management tool everyone in your organisation can view or maintain data from their desktop. TRACKIT PRO’s powerful reporting tool allows you to view your data the way you want it. It synchronises seamlessly with TRACKIT Mobile to effortlessly manage change and moves programs and provide the best Data Centre Asset Management solution on the market.

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