Efficient, accurate Data Centre Asset Management

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Data Centre Asset Management simplified

TRACKIT PRO used as a Data Centre Asset Management (DCAM) solution lets you view your data the way you want it. It gives you instant and accurate data at your fingertips, giving you the confidence to plan and manage your data centre infrastructure more effectively.

We’ve used our experience working with some of the largest enterprises in the world for the past eight years to build a solution that simplifies DCAM for you. Our innovative, user-focused approach enables you to capture your assets swiftly, accurately and cost efficiently.

We looked at 23 different typical data asset collection processes and were able to improve efficiency by over 50% in every single case. On average it resulted in a boost of efficiency by 90%, making collection processes a staggering ten times faster than previous legacy approaches.

Complex, automated DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) systems are only as good as the data they're given. TRACKIT PRO gives you accurate data you can rely on. Our solutions are intuitive which means less human error. Track everything from slot locations to network connections direct from the data centre floor.  Accuracy is everything.

Peace of mind


Use TRACKIT PRO to easily establish a complete and comprehensive understanding of your data centre assets and make informed infrastructure decisions based on trusted, accurate data.

Saving you time


Add, update and analyse your asset data as you move around your workplace. Tests show our software users are able to audit data centres 10 x faster than the rest.

Saving you money


Our simplified approach means that TRACKIT PRO delivers the functionality you need. We provide 80% of your Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) functionality at 20% of the cost.

Key benefits

  • Visibility and control: View and maintain asset data from your desktop. A single company-wide process, across departments, across geographies.
  • Your data. The way you want it: With our powerful reporting tool, you control how to view your data.
  • Take the app to the asset: TRACKIT PRO synchronises seamlessly with TRACKIT Mobile. Save time and reduce human error by uploading asset data instantly, wherever you are.
  • Flexible hosting options: Whatever your hosting requirements, TRACKIT will help to get you up and running, fast. Available as a self-hosted solution or Cloud offering, TRACKIT PRO is designed to fit with your business needs.
  • Seamless integration – TRACKIT PRO seamlessly integrates data to and from your CMDB or other change management solutions such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy etc.
  • Intelligent tracking / monitoring – track all your hardware and software assets and monitor / maintain the detail within them such as licence, contract information and even capacity.

Core functionality

We’ve spent our time working on the functionality that we know will have a real impact on businesses every day.

  • Desktop control: Users from across your organisation can view and maintain data using our multi-user, web-enabled DCAM (Data Centre Asset Management) tool.
  • Locate your assets: TRACKIT PRO enables you to record the location of your assets and the connectivity.
  • Keeping it simple: The TRACKIT Symbol Library helps reduce human error. Simply drag and drop your assets onto your floorplan.
  • Maximise your investments: Advanced reporting enables you to plan and scale your data centre operations based on accurate information.