A mobile solution for data centre management


Take the data collection tool to the data point

DCAM (Data Centre Asset Management) often falls down simply due to human error. Data points inputted incorrectly into an excel spreadsheet or tapped into a laptop from incomplete notes on a piece of paper - it’s too easy to make mistakes. Our user-friendly tools provide an intuitive high-tech solution suited to today’s digital world, helping reduce human error. TRACKIT Mobile helps you IDENTIFY, TRACK and CONTROL every physical asset in your data centre.

TRACKIT Mobile is our ruggedized tablet, wireless scanner and mobile printing solution which includes a docking station, carrying case and an extra battery. Used in conjunction with TRACKIT PRO, we provide all you need to hit the ground running. For data centre managers this solution ensures that the latest data is always available. TRACKIT Mobile allows you to bring your DCAM data right to the floor of the data centre and make updates in front of the cabinet. Easily add power and network connections as well as your panel schedule. Use 2D Barcodes or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), it’s never been easier to validate what you have. Download our TRACKIT Mobile factsheet

Proven Benefits

  • Comprehensively identify IT assets and reduce IT service costs.
  • Increase data accuracy to 99%.
  • Accurate and efficient data collection and validation.
  • Optimise productivity and ROI of existing tools by up to 90%
  • Quickly identify IMAC process and procedure failures.
  • Rapid visibility of IT assets compared to other legacy audit processes.
  • Streamlined reporting for more effective future planning of IT life cycle management and improved decision making on key data centre issues (power, space etc) to improve ROI. 
  • Maintain compliance with WEEE directives and global carbon initiatives.


Functionality snapshot

  • Comprehensive mobile data centre asset management solution.
  • Auditing capabilities which include device, network and power with full audit trail and reporting.
  • Quick, accurate data collection with TRACKIT Mobile; designed for the data centre environment.
  • Drag and drop symbol library.
  • Secure data transfer.
  • Syncit - Middleware staging area and API for easy integration to 3rd party solutions.
  • Tested by us, trusted by some of the world’s biggest businesses.
  • Continued, accurate asset data for full lifecycle management.
  • LightTouchID allows instant multiple field validation.

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