Smarter, more accurate asset management solutions


Asset tracking and management just got smarter

TRACKIT exists to change the way people think about the business assets they own and show them there is a smarter way to manage them. From legacy asset management alternatives like Excel or outdated and expensive DCIM / CMDB enterprise solutions that don’t have accurate asset data as their foundation we offer a better way.

By providing accurate and trusted asset data we empower businesses with the insight to more effectively manage their entire business asset lifecycle and enable them to make better informed strategic decisions. From SME’s to established large Enterprises, business assets used every day all have value - and the better you track and manage those assets, the more that value can be realised.

We recognise that no two organisations are the same which is why we offer a flexible asset management software solution-set to suit any size of business.  We’ve proved our value working in complex, high dependency data centre environments where accurate asset information and robust management software is key. We’ve applied this knowledge and expertise to develop a new intuitive cloud based software solution to enable businesses of all sizes to make the most of their business assets. Introducing TRACKIT and TRACKIT PRO.


TRACKIT is an asset tracking software solution built from the ground up – a more intuitive asset management solution that puts you in control. Insight and customer feedback shows that SME businesses struggle to create and manage an accurate business asset inventory. Using our expertise and insight we’ve built a cloud based scalable software solution that can adapt as your business and asset inventory grows. It’s quick to setup, load or create data and easy to maintain. It requires no software installation, can be accessed from any device or browser, is fully responsive and is designed to share data and integrate with other software easily.

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Use TRACKIT PRO for the complete Enterprise asset tracking and management software solution. For an intelligent Data Centre Asset Management (DCAM) solution to give you accurate IT asset data at your fingertips and complete visibility to plan and manage your Data Centre / IT infrastructure. Or use it as a TOTAL enterprise asset management software solution - from property and estate management through to a limitless ability to track ALL your businesses physical assets, across locations, inside and even outside your buildingss or even assets on the move. From tracking a company’s fleet of vehicles, to a global hotel chains asset inventory to manufacturing components on the line through to the finished article the applications and use cases are almost endless.

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“…for the first time we have had the complete picture and the knowledge to confidently make the right decisions about what we do and where we do it. Changes can now be easily reported against with known and predictable outcomes.” 

Operations Manager for a leading communications services provider


TRACKIT Mobile allows you to bring your Data Centre Asset Management information right to the floor of the data centre and make updates in front of the cabinet. TRACKIT Mobile works in conjunction with TRACKIT PRO or can be used in with your existing Data Centre Information Management system or Configuration Management Database to maintain an accurate picture of what's in your data centre. Easily add power and network connections as well as your panel schedule. Use 2D Barcodes, NFC (Near Field Communications) or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), it’s never been easier to validate what you have.

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