Migrate and manipulate your asset data with ease


TRACKIT Data Migration Services do more than migrate

We started life at TRACKIT offering customers Data Migration Services, so of course it is second nature to us. Over the years we have been listening to our customers and continuously refining and adding to our Data Migration Services. Migrating asset data from point to point, be that to TRACKIT or to third party products is just the beginning.

Our migration services can also facilitate the consolidation of data from multiple sources to a single repository and translate/manipulate data from an existing format into a new format. It’s the total Data Migration Services package.

Core Benefits

  • TRACKIT facilitates the export of asset data from third party products.
  • We make asset data available for import into TRACKIT, or into other systems.
  • We manage the entire process of consolidation, migration or translation of data assets from existing sources, including Aperture, Nlyte, iTRACS or Excel.
  • Our service enables us to migrate asset  connection information and integrate data from  external sources.
  • We have a market leading library of information on data centre equipment.

Key Functionality

Through our Migration Services, TRACKIT can facilitate:

  • Migrating asset data – whether that be migrating from ‘X’ to ‘Y’ where Trackit is not the final point, or migrating into TRACKIT, our Data Migration Services are adaptable to meet your needs.
  • Translating asset data – from basic manipulation from the existing formats through to complete translation of data for ongoing usage.
  • Consolidating asset data into:
    • Location information – your buildings and spaces, and any further information on space dimensions.
    • Asset information – floor mounted, rack mounted and device mounted assets. We will show asset locations and any additional information required: for example, serial numbers and asset numbers.
    • Model information - showing technical information about each product type, including dimensions, weight, connectors, interfaces, and more.

Find Out More

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