Data centre asset audits – accuracy is everything


A TRACKIT data centre audit gives you complete visibility of your data centre by providing trusted and accurate asset data, fast. This empowers you with the knowledge to quickly make more effective decisions to drive full data centre optimisation. We’ve helped hundreds of data centre owners to drive down their utility costs, optimise capacity and identify legacy equipment to drastically improve data centre ROI.

Our audit team routinely uncover 300% more IT assets than data centre owners previously assumed they had and can provide customers with the insight to reduce power usage by between 15 and 30%. Discover how with our six step proven audit process.


Experience and expertise counts

With over a million assets audited to date our Professional Services team bring an unmatched level of knowledge of manufacturer-specific devices to every data centre audit – they set the benchmark for accuracy and efficiency that others cannot match. We’re experts in what we do and have over nine years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest businesses. Our intuitive software allows us to collect asset information swiftly and present it to you in the format required to make intelligent business decisions. And our award-winning auditing hardware, coupled with our proven six-point process, ensures best-in-class accuracy.

Core benefits

Gain complete visibility of your data centre assets and maximise the value of your existing data centre management tools through seamless integration

Discover hidden assets / “ghost” devices; make the most of your data centre capacity by re-deploying redundant hardware

Significantly minimises the risk of outages and downtime by identifying single points of failure and the devices which may be impacted


Fast and accurate - our teams 10x faster than legacy internal processes and can audit 5,000+ devices per week with 99.99% accuracy

Flexible audit services and solutions to meet your needs with the ability to provide your data how you want it

Eliminate the need for time consuming manual auditing, freeing up valuable business resources

Driving immediate ROI

Our audits represent a minimal upfront investment compared to the significant benefits and ROI that are achievable from the services we provide. And that’s just the beginning - our refined processes and bespoke auditing tools give you full visibility of your data centre assets from day one, providing you with the opportunity to quickly improve DC optimisation and unlock hidden ROI in your data centre. Explore the potential ROI on power saving alone, by using our Audit Cost Calculator and reading our indicative power saving case studyhere.

What you get from a data centre audit?

  • Complete visibility. Our services cover audit and delivery of:

✔ Floor Plans
✔ FMD – Floor mounted devices
✔ RMD – Rack mounted devices
✔ DMD – Device mounted devices
✔ Power Connectivity
✔ Network Connectivity

  • Implement an ongoing asset management solution using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)/NFC (Near Field Communication)/2D/1D Barcodes
  • Our Professional Services team have an unparalleled knowledge of manufacturer specific devices such as servers, storage, network and power infrastructure.
  • Your data. How you want it. Our tools are designed to export to CSV or any CMDB (Configuration Management Database) / DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) / ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solution templates

As well as optimising power usage our data centre audits provide you with the insight to drastically improve data centre capacity helping you to unlock hidden ROI. Download our factsheet to find out more about TRACKIT AUDITS

Case Study

Data centre optimisation for the fifth largest independent IT and business process services company in the world.

Business Challenge: Optimising racks was previously a difficult and problematic process, as a manual audit process was needed to see what was available in each data.

The TRACKIT solution: Roll out of the TRACKIT solution over a 3 month period over whole estate identifying what’s new and what has been removed.

The Results:

  • Allows the client to react quickly to incidents and avoid penalties
  • Only new items of equipment need to be barcoded as they are introduced to the data centre
  • Saved the client £135,000 in the first 12 months through maximising space utilisation and energy efficiency

“It’s all about achieving maximum space utilisation and energy efficiency and by using TRACKIT we made £135,000 of savings in the first year, and I estimate that we will get a total return investment in less than 12 months”

- DC Manager (5th largest independent IT & business process services co.)

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Estimated cost of audit
† Estimated cost of audit presented as an indicative price only. Final cost of audit may differ from Estimated cost of audit depending on quantity of devices to be audited and specific audit requirements as identified during pre-audit survery. Estimated cost of audit does not include any additional expenses which may be identified during scoping process. Trackit Solutions Limited (‘TRACKIT’) reserves the right to refuse or decline work at its own discretion.