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50% discount* on DC audits booked before September 30th


Did you know we routinely uncover 300% more IT assets than data centre owners thought they had? TRACKIT have helped hundreds of data centre owners to drive down power usage, optimise capacity and identify legacy equipment by providing them with full visibility of their data centre assets. We bring an unmatched level of knowledge and expertise to every audit, and using our bespoke solution we can swiftly provide you with the accurate information you need to make better asset management decisions.

Explore the potential ROI on power saving alone by using our Audit Cost Calculator and reading our indicative power saving example below.

Discover even greater value with our 50% discount* on audits booked before 30th September 2016.

Proven benefits:

  • Discover hidden assets; make the most of your data centre capacity by re-deploying redundant hardware
  • Reduce your power usage by between 15-30% by optimising your data centre resources
  • Fast and accurate - our teams can audit 5,000+ devices per week with 99.99% accuracy
  • Immediate view of asset data from day 1 with seamless integration into any DCIM / CMDB
  • Minimal upfront audit cost compared to significant ROI return - further enhanced by our 50% discount*

The power of accurate data

One of the key measures and focus areas for data centre efficiency is power usage; typically our audits provide customers with the insight to reduce their power usage by between 15-30%. The indicative example below shows how your business can quickly realise ROI from a TRACKIT audit. See US version here

  • We estimate the typical cost of powering a single rack in a data centre to be £3,200 p/a
  • Based on the above a 75 rack data centre would equate to an annual power bill of £240,000
  • A 15% optimisation in power usage would see an immediate saving of £36,000 p/a

based on an average power consumption of 2.5kWh per rack @ 8.12p per kWh and PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.8

As well as optimising power usage our data centre audits provide you with the insight to drastically improve data centre capacity helping you to unlock hidden ROI. Download our factsheet to find out more about TRACKIT AUDITS

What our customers say

“It’s all about achieving maximum space utilisation and energy efficiency and by using TRACKIT we made £135,000 of savings in the first year…..”

– Data Centre Manager, Fifth largest independent IT and business processes company

Read the full case study here


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