Total asset management at your fingertips


Smarter asset management for intelligent business

We make tracking business assets simpler and quicker by providing smarter, user-focussed asset management software solutions and services to empower you with the knowledge to make more intelligent business decisions.

Using our experiences from tracking over a million assets for some of the world’s biggest businesses we’ve developed an intuitive cloud based asset tracking and management software solution - one single intelligent platform to give you total and accurate visibility and control of all your business assets.


TRACKIT gives you the ability to map, track and control ALL of your physical business assets no matter where they are located across multiple locations. With TRACKIT managing your business assets has never been easier.



Replace outdated and inaccurate methods like local spreadsheets/databases with our intuitive, web-based secure multi-user platform to give you one single real time view of all your business assets wherever you are.

Complete visibility


View your assets in an instant with full audit trails / workflows, intelligent fully customisable reporting and dashboards, monitoring alarms and threshold alerts providing insight and integration with many different systems.

Complete control

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Track movement of ALL physical business assets and asset history. Easily append purchase, warranty, value and ownership information to asset fields. Precise location and real time asset collection / updates all from a single intuitive asset tracking software solution.

Fast implementation

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Quick to implement, fully automated set-up with helpful “Wizards”. 100% browser-based, no need to install and manage local software clients.

Easy to use

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Simple cross platform interface with fully responsive design. iOS and android mobile apps to search and manage assets. Drag and drop floor and building plans instantly, import and update asset inventory to maintain complete accuracy.

Peace of mind

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Cloud-hosted secure platform with the ability to control and set levels of access to individuals or groups.





Our Solutions 

Our solutions are proven and trusted by some of the largest companies in the world – they provide them with complete visibility of their IT assets and have demonstrated the importance and value of having an accurate view of their asset data.

This insight and our applied expertise has enabled us to create a new cloud based asset inventory management software solution for both SME’s (TRACKIT) and Enterprise businesses (TRACKIT PRO). Now you can map, track and manage literally any type of physical business asset on one intuitive platform. From laptops and office furniture to data centres or warehouses the size of shopping centres – now business assets have nowhere to hide.

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Our Services

With over eight years hands-on experience, the TRACKIT Professional Services team has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for accuracy. From IT asset audits to asset management software implementations and legacy data centre management solution migration projects, our team provides you with data you can depend on. Quite simply we give you the confidence to make sound, strategic decisions based on trusted asset inventory data delivered to highest levels of accuracy and professionalism.

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